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Why you should still be using a travel agent


1.    Save Money: Travel agents are aware of current promotions happening from a variety of suppliers so if you see a promotion online or on TV, we will be able to offer it to you as well, including free advice!
We also have close deals with our partners, which means we can often offer better deals than internet.


2.     Save Time: Travel options and promotions are becoming more recurrent and it is often hard to keep track of them all.

Think of how many hours you spent on internet trying to find the best prices but with the shortest time of travel, best hotel services…An eternity right? 
That won’t happen with us, thanks to our expertise and knowledge, we can quickly and efficiently identify the best option for your own personal requirements.
We can guarantee that it will save you a lot of time- and time is money isn’t it?


3.     Avoid the unpleasant surprises: There is a lot of new websites and companies calling themselves travel experts – unfortunately, this is not always the case.
They might come up with better deals (sometimes), but the reality is very different.

Saving a few dollars beforehand can lead losing a lot in the long run…

-      Non-reliable bookings, with last minutes changes without notice. You are then welcome to spend a night at the airport because no one told you that your 8pm flight was delayed to the next day at 2pm

-       Cancellation of your trip without notice. You then need to take care of booking a new flight while fighting for a refund.

-       We have had instances where clients have contacted us as their online ticket purchase though a website has never been verified.


4.     We have your back:  Your best interests are our priority, If you should encounter a problem during your trip or if you simply change your mind on what you want to do, give us a call and we will be right on it to help get you where you need to be in the shortest possible time.

5.     Tailor Made travel: At Bon Voyage, we care about you and dedicate ourselves to giving the best personalise services to each of our special guests.
We are here to make your travel an experience and we believe it starts even before boarding.
If you wish to use several airlines for your trip, travel with someone who have a slightly different itinerary than you; if you want to stop somewhere on your way back home, or if you need help to find your perfect hotel, we can do it all and make the whole experience much easier. The only thing you need to concentrate on is packing your bag.
To finish with, we make sure that you get your personalised and physical ticket wallet, and that your passport and visa are all good to go. Visa requirement are changing quite often which can be hard to follow, but don’t worry we will always check for you.


    Travel is quite complex and there are a lot of hidden terms/conditions, which can be difficult to negotiate. At Bon Voyage Cruises and Travel we have some of the most experienced consultants in the business.  Ask us anything, We really are here to help.


Bon Voyage!