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A Tour of the Majestic Pacific Pearl

A client Onny told me one day about his son Rio and I just knew I had to do something to help.

You see out of nowhere Rio had developed an unusual condition, rare for someone so young. He had overnight, without warning developed a case of ship spotting. His parents were worried what would become of him with this obsession.

Rio started reading everything he could and watching every video clip he could lay his hands on about cruise ships. When I heard about Rio I started supplying him - first with a brochure or two, then the odd video clip or CD. Later a box set on the building of Oasis of the Seas, the world’s biggest cruise ship must quench his thirst for knowledge and calm him.

But no! It seemed worse. The arrival of a kitten didn’t help as he insisted on calling him Edward Smith after the captain of the Titanic. So with desperate parents we just had to get him on a ship, so when an opportunity came up in June for me to show some clients over P&O’s Pacific Pearl, Rio and his family were first on the list.

So as a surprise Rio got a day off school and was driven to Princes Wharf. We had two super excited boys, Rio along with his little brother Jamie (who by now had also caught the condition) and parents Onny and Amelia.  They were first entertained by the Pacific Cirque troupe with a trapeze act in the ship’s atrium. A full tour of the ship followed – swimming pools, lounges, theatre, shops, cabins and most importantly the Kids Clubs.

All of that before lunch in the ships dining room where Rio and Jamie were treated to a great Kids meal, while the rest of us were served a fabulous 3 course special menu.

Rio seemed to love trying out all the seats and loungers. He loved the Kids Club of course. So now we have fed his addiction, not only does he dream of cruising but he is actively checking the brochure for suitable cruises for his family. Will Rio talk his family into a cruising holiday? We think so!