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Maison de Bibby - Boutique accommodation in Martel, France

Maison de Bibby is now open for bookings and will offer any guest a memorable French experience in exquisite accommodation. Read more and learn about Anna’s journey to her dream…

From Anna's Blog:

"A few days after arriving in Martel I met Carol and Vincent.  It was a hot evening and I was surveying my kitchen which was a total demolition site and they were peering through the window surveying me, quite blatently and free of any embarrassment!  Vincent had a pair of secateurs in his hand and Carol a beautiful bunch of roses – they had just finished their “hunting and gathering” of the neighbours gardens! I invited them in for a tour of inspection – and they did not hold back on commenting on every aspect of the project. The house had belonged to Vincent’s aunt, therefore he had every right to be in the house, and was going to make sure I honoured her memory, getting it wrong just would not be an option. 

I was then invited to partake in a reciprocal inspection at their home, just across the street. The highlight was Vincent’s cave with its 350 bottles of wine, and cork inserting devise – he gave us an on the spot demonstration. He buys the wine locally in huge plastic containers and then bottles it – on average costing   2 euro per bottle, I’d imagine that the corks are the most expensive component of his cottage industry. We were then invited to try the product, and I can safely say we drank an appreciative amount. He said that he was always needing more empty bottles to grow his stash (although from the looks of things I’d say he is hard pressed to keep his 350 total) but as he is obviously so committed to his hobby (both bottling and consuming) the next day I dropped off  a very impressive box of our empties. Naturally Vincent was delighted, although he would have preferred it if we had soaked off the labels! Since then I have helped him drink his rose everyday and last week we ordered a whole lot in bulk that we are going to bottle over the weekend....so I’ll have my own Cave."

For more information visit Anna's website: www.masondebibby.com