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The world is a colourful and exciting place to explore!  Here we bring you travel stories and news from our regular newsletters - adventurous, picturesque or even outlandish tastes of worldwide travel destinations.

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A brief blast in Brisbane Brisbane would have been the last place I would have chosen for an off-shore weekend! Two days and a busy whirl around the city however has left me wishing I had more time. Here are my top tips for those wanting a “nutshell” view of the city
Why you should still be using a travel agent

Today we will try to answer a question that a lot of people have in mind when we are telling them we are Travel Consultants. “Why book through a travel agency”


If you can think of us as being a tour guide that will lead you to a perfect vacation, then you are on the right path. 

Half a week in Hong Kong

"In the space of a mere three days, a slothful , thrifty, shy, careful me was compelled to run, shop, tai chi and eat my way around a city that proved an absolute delight. Hong Kong was served up on a platter thanks to a quick bite-sized trip on an extended weekend trip. Here's how to do it..."

10 Things to do in Rarotonga

Whether you're planning a wedding, romantic getaway or even a family holiday in Rarotonga, here is a handy 'Top 10 Things To Do" list that will help you to make the most of your visit to this piece of paradise in the Cook Islands.


A Longer stay in Los Angeles
Or how to enjoy La La Land when travelling with teens without going la-la.

We’ve been to Los Angeles a few times but usually just for a week and while there we’ve found Disneyland eats up half the time and half the budget. This time however we were lucky to take three weeks holidays and since our kids are now 17 and 21, we were determined to do it differently.

So, here’s my guide for people who cannot stomach the thought of Disneyland and want to start really scratching the surface of this awesome city without it costing the earth.
Mustard, wine and Game of Thrones.

You may have guessed. today we are going to talk about Dijon in Burgundy, France.

You certainly all know the Dijon mustard, but the City of Dukes, as it likes to be called, has much more to offer.

About five centuries ago, Dijon, Capital of Burgundy, was ruled by Dukes who made the city a place of arts and architecture. George R.R Martin’s told that the Dukes of Burgundy was his inspiration while writing the best-selling book Game of Thrones. Not bad!

And what about the wine? The Burgundy wines are considered as one of the best wines in the world. As a wine amateur, you will definitely find happiness.

What do we need to know? 

On board the Queen Elizabeth

Michele writes of her memorable experience sailing on the majestic Queen Elizabeth from Auckland:
"The first person I saw was Elizabeth Taylor.  She was there along with stars of yesteryear – Janet Gaynor, Robert Mitchun, Alfred Hitchcock.  Winston Churchill even had an appearance peering from the walls over the intimate cluster of leather chairs in the serenity of the cigar room... "


Earlier this year our Jill and Judy Bailey have got together to plan a fabulous exploration of Africa. Jill has travelled on safari in Africa several times and lived in Southern Africa for a while years ago. Judy has travelled to Africa previously with World Vision to see their projects.