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  Jill Gothard

Jill is our travel guru and certainly deserves this title having over 30 years of travel experience, encompassing all the continents and more.  It all began while Jill was travelling around Europe and working in the UK; she developed a taste for the travel industry.  After returning from her extended OE (which included living in Italy for 2 years and travelling across Southern Africa), Jill decided to put her experience and knowledge to use embarking on her travel career in 1975 and later joining Bon Voyage Cruises & Travel in 1995.

Jill is an expert travel consultant.  She particularly enjoys challenging, complicated and off the beaten track travel plans.   Jill is also our certified Master Cruise Consultant, which means, as well as completing a series of courses and a week long seminar at sea, she has tried and tested many of the cruises herself so she knows exactly what you can expect and what to recommend to her clients.

“It is rewarding establishing relationships with customers especially when you have different members of their family or friends coming in because they raved about their latest travel adventure.  I enjoy creating and tailoring travel journeys no matter how big or small, near or far.  With the travel industry, everyday is exciting as you never know what it holds; from organising an African safari to a cruise in the
Mediterranean- you can expect the unexpected”

She has many travel stories to tell of her adventures such as being whisked away by an Italian, where they lived on the island of Elba during the summer and the snowy mountains of Limone during the winter.  It was during this time she learnt Italian and developed a fondness for fashion, good food, and French champagne.  As an animal lover Jill enjoys visiting any places where she can view the wildlife and rates the Galapagos Islands as one of her favourites.  

With so many years in the travel industry, Jill has understandably visited too many places to list a favourite, although she rates cruising the Nile in Egypt, on safari in Botswana and seeing the colour, sights and sounds of Rajastan, India, as amongst her favourites
.   Next on her wish list is testing a cruise around South America, visiting a tiger sanctuary in India and seeing lemurs in the wild in Madagascar.

Ready to start your own travel journey? Contact Jill now!



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