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  Michele Murphy

Michele excels in managing the travel portfolios for a private client list. She has worked extensively in leisure travel and also the corporate travel arena as designated travel manager for some of New Zealand’s largest companies...

She is our resident expert in how to use those credit card points and airline frequent flyer schemes to the best advantage.  Travellers have been astonished at the award travel she has managed to summon from various card and airline accounts!

“Assessing travel options is often not a simple matter of choosing the cheapest fare. Time efficiency, corporate directives and the impact on an airline Frequent Flyer status are also important factors in obtaining value for each individual traveller,”  says Michele.

As well as drafting itineraries for  those special holidays, she also oversees the travel management for a number of corporate clients.  She has travelled extensively to the United States, South America, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Fiji, Rarotonga, Tahiti and the hot holiday spots in Australia.

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