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Tonia explores the resorts of Vanuatu

Two years on from my interrupted visit to Vanuatu I finally got back there this month.  With 20 resort inspections over 6 days in temperatures averaging 36 Degrees it was a busy time but very rewarding… and I made it home without a broken ankle!
People, driving, shopping and dining
The people of Vanuatu are extremely friendly, entertaining and very willing to help answer any questions you may have from money to directions. Due to the number of resorts we were visiting my travelling companion Janice and I rented a car, so we were faced with left hand cars and driving on the other side of the road. Visitors to the island are generally transferred by coach so don’t panic you will be fine. As the roads are not the smoothest in the world with large pot holes most of the cars travel in the centre of the road and only move over with on coming traffic approaching – its gets the heart racing for a while!!!
In Port Vila there is an array of shops and duty free stores to spend your Vatu on and from Monday to Saturday there is a local produce market where villagers from the surrounding islands come to sell their fruit, vegetables and flowers. Down on the waterfront there is also a market selling clothes and locally made souvenirs.   If you are tempted a visit to one of the Day Spas is a must where they offer some amazing treatments to beautify, cleanse and relax the body.  Getting around central Port Vila is easy with the Vatu100 mini-buses. These mini-buses with blue lights and the letter B on the licence plate to show they are public buses, drive around the city almost 24 hours a day.   They pick up and drop off passengers anywhere and everywhere for VT100 (approx $2.00) and for trips outside of Port Vila a bit further they will charge VT200.
Vila offers some great restaurants to visit apart from the ones at your resort. There is an Asian influence in Vila now offering Korean, Chinese and Japanese food along with the French restaurants and of course seafood and Steak. Vanuatu is renowned for its beef and as I am allergic to seafood it was beef, beef and more beef for me each night while Janice ate the seafood – there were no complaints from either of us.
So much to do
Vila offers so much to do if you get bored with relaxing on a beach on your sun lounger and although we didn’t have time to do any of it, from the people we spoke to they all raved about them. Some suggestions are the Coongoola Cruise which is aboard an old timber ketch departing from Havannah Harbour you visit a turtle sanctuary, have a BBQ lunch on a beach where you can go snorkelling and return under sail with dolphins usually playing off the bow. Visit Hideaway Island Marine Sanctuary which is 15 minutes from Port Vila then a 5 minute ferry. The snorkelling from the beach is terrific, you can also buy a bag of fish food if you want them to come to you. The sanctuary is home to the world’s only underwater post office. The Mele Cascades waterall is a famous attraction offering easy walking tracks to the falls with a number of swimming holes to sample on your way. For those more adventurous an Off-Road Buggie is the go for off-road thrills to beaches and parts of the island others don’t get to see.

I won’t go into every resort that I saw as they all had their appeal for various reasons but a few that did stand out to me were Iririki Island, Mangoes, The Havannah, Holiday Inn and Tamanu on the Beach. 
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Whether you want a family holiday away or a wedding or a private getaway I know all the places in Vila so just contact me:


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